• QPC

    Murder By Matrimony -A full length “Whodunit”

    In 1937, two families will benefit from the wedding, as long as their secrets can stay hidden.

    In the intervals, you’ll be able to submit your guess as to who the murderer is and why.

    Prize for the winning table at this special event raising money for the Centre's ongoing fundraising campaign.

    Grab a drink from the Limelight Bar and test your little grey cells at our Quiz Night Fundraiser, hosted by Grace & Faye.

    Maximum team size: 6 people.

    PLEASE NOTE: Teams must be booked in advance - please confirm your booking online, over the phone or in person before Tuesday 18 April.

    Entry costs £5 per person - all profits from the Quiz will go towards the Centre's ongoing fundraising campaign to help renovate the building and purchase new equipment.