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    David Sinclair Four ( DS4 )

    The David Sinclair Four aka DS4 have roots in blues and rock but with a greater eclectic mix of songs than many bands in the genre. The band is led by singer songwriter guitarist David Sinclair and lead guitarist Geoff Peel. David Sinclair has released five albums and is a IRL recording artist. The latest DS4 release ‘Sweet Georgina’ has had superb reviews and David says;

    “I first came across Georgina in the 1960s. She was a flower child and a femme fatale. She hung out somewhere in the south of England with the Stones and Hendrix and Zeppelin. But her memories stretched back much further, and she could see far into the future. Georgina is eternal. A muse who is music. She's always around when I'm writing songs and working with the DS4. She has become our patron saint. This was the most difficult album I've ever made. The rhythm section emigrated. My wife got ill. I broke my finger three days before we started recording. But I could hear Georgina's call - loud, clean and clear as a bell. Music saves nothing; not your band or your loved ones and least of all your soul. But it breaks through the walls and ceilings and barriers that keep you stuck inside and it shows you the sky. Sweet Georgina loves you all.”

    As a writer and columnist for The Times, Rolling Stone and Billboard, he has chronicled the rock 'n' roll years and now takes centre stage with his band to tell his own musical tale as well as revisiting songs by blues masters from Chuck Berry to Stevie Ray Vaughan. The band make frequent appearances on the London music scene playing at such iconic venues as The Borderline, The 100 Club, The Dublin Castle plus appearances at festivals across the UK.

    Deep Blue Sea

    Deep Blue Sea create new shoots from the old roots, taking the blues out for a walk in the sun and the rain, telling tales from the lives we are all living - playing music for the moment we are in. Deep Blue Sea return to The Limelight after their successful debut appearance playing their funky, soulful blues mix led by Los Angeles vocalist Dregas.

    "Funky, invisible reggae, rockabilly, guitar driven fretboard dexterity, pain and grief and Rock and Roll - you'll love this blues tinged rock without any flotsam and jetsam, once again, the SEA giving up its riches."
    Blues in Britain - 'Live It Up' album review

    "The quality of the playing alone would put this gig up there with the best but this is also great fun; the band obviously enjoy themselves and audiences will always pick up on that. Great performances and big smiles all around the room - that’s a good combination for a great night." Music Riot

    "A breathtaking performance from Deep Blue Sea with a flawless mix of original songs featuring a soulful harmonic voice and driving guitar - we knew this was something special from the first song to the sudden rush to buy CDs at the end." Andy Davies, promoter Woodlands Blues Club

    This is a double header not to be missed !

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