Mitch Benn: 'I'm Still Here'

    Congratulations! It's 2018 and you're still here! So is Mitch, ("the country's leading musical satirist" The Times) looking backwards, forwards and sideways trying to make the world a better place, one silly song at a time. Join him as he looks back over what for the lack of a better word he still refers to as his "career" and ponders where he - and indeed all of us - might be going next.

    "A seriously talented laugh-maker, musician and satirist. Mitch Benn should be more widely known and appreciated. He’s Britain’s answer to Tom Lehrer”
    The Swindonian

    A stalwart of BBC Radio 4's Now Show for more than a decade, Mitch has also presented many radio specials. Following on from the success of Mitch Benn Is The 37th Beatle, a further three specials on music icons Bob Dylan, David Bowie and Elvis have been broadcast. He also co-presented with Harry Shearer BBC Radio 2's Anatomy Of A Guitar and presented Spank The Plank for BBC Radio 4. Most recently, in December 2016, he appeared on (and won) BBC1 television's Celebrity Mastermind!

    "Well crafted, well sung, his songs are just plain funny” The Guardian

    Mitch is the author of two novels, Terra and Terra's World both published by Gollancz and co-author with Jon Holmes of The Twitter History Of The World.

    “Ability to tackle any subject with insightful wit… It’s worth catching this consummate entertainer and skilled musician while he decides what to do next.”
    **** To Do List

    “Mitch Benn remains an optimist, despite the way the world is, and it is his mission to improve the world with words which deflate pomposity and pretence,”
    **** Scotsgay

    "A wicked sense of humour and well-crafted jokes and stories.”
    **** One4Review

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