In October 2017, the music community lost one of its most iconic songwriters & musicians, Thomas Earl Petty, who, along with his band The Heartbreakers wrote, recorded & performed some of the most enduring songs of the last 40 years.

    Heartfakers aim is to keep Tom's music alive, no wigs or look-a-likes, just 5 experienced musicians faithfully recreating these great compositions.

    During their two hour show, they’ll take you on an authentic sounding musical journey through Tom's career, including American Girl, Breakdown, plus many songs from Damn The Torpedoes, Long After Dark, up to Mojo & Hypnotic Eye, plus some from Tom's solo albums, including Full Moon Fever, Wildflowers and Highway Companion, and some Travelling Wilburys tracks too.

    Here's what an audience member at one of their recent gigs said:

    "If you're a Tom Petty fan you won't be disappointed. As well as excellent sound and playing, Heartfakers' enthusiasm for the music shines through”.

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    A Band Called Malice was formed when frontman Andy Coultas decided to create a new band. A band to recreate the sound of The Jam with the attitude and feel of the original line up. Finding musicians to do this was not an easy task as the people in the band had to be of exceptional standard, able to sing, able to commit, love The Jam, and of course be fit and agile enough to reproduce the live performance of Weller, Foxton and Buckler.

    Andy turned to Jo Adams from Their music rocks promotional agency and the search was on. So after a year of auditions and rehearsals, trying different people, some who were good contenders but unable to commit and some others who for one reason or another unsuitable we finally settled on this superb line up we have today. The current band members are spread from around the Midlands so rehearsal time was precious but everyone did their homework and kept any wasted time to a minimum, meeting at Warren's professional rehearsal rooms in Leicester, all the band needed now was to gel and work well together live, but thankfully because all three members were so experienced, the band were up and running in a flash.

    Read the biographies of each band member to see the standard of professionalism and then come see the band live to witness a show which will take you back to the late seventies and early eighties when The Jam played as one of the most iconic and influential bands in music history. If you like The Jam then you will love A Band Called Malice and guaranteed to have an unforgettable evening for the right reasons!

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    Sinnerboy, from North West England, are the No. 1 tribute to Rory Gallagher and have a huge reputation for faithfully recapturing the sound and excitement of a live “Rory gig”. They have played a major role in promoting the revival of Rory’s music for the last eighteen years and apart from gigging extensively in the UK and Ireland, have headlined Rory Gallagher tribute events in Holland, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Spain, Norway and the USA.

    Playing live is what Sinnerboy do best. Anyone who has seen them will tell you, it's all about energy and passion, strong songs played with verve. But how else could you approach playing Rory's music?

    Their repertoire feature songs from every stage of Rory's career including his early days with Taste. Bullfrog Blues, Walk On Hot Coals, Tattooed Lady, Shadow Play, Moonchild and many more are the essential ingredients of every Sinnerboy set.

    For Sinnerboy, keeping the music of Rory Gallagher alive for people who love to hear it, is all that matters, but don't look for three guys on stage poncing about in wigs trying to look like three other guys, what you get with this band is all out passionate Rory Gallagher music!

    Rory Gallagher, who sadly passed away in 1995, had a huge impact on the world of blues and rock and is recognized as Irelands first real ”rock star” - blazing the trail for many major Irish acts to follow on the international stage.

    Apart from his reputation as one of the greatest ever exponents of the electric guitar, Rory left behind an enduring musical legacy which has received fresh recognition and attracted a whole new generation of younger fans over recent years. He was a prolific composer and in his lifetime recorded no fewer than fifteen albums of highly original and soulful blues and rock material.

    On the first anniversary of Rory’s sad passing Barry Barnes promoted the first ever tribute concert to his lifelong hero, then in 2000 Barry went on to form ‘Sinnerboy’ with the sole intention of keeping Rory’s memory alive.

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    If you love Beatles music played the way the Fab Four intended then The Dung Beatles are for you.

    With a repertory of over 80 high-octane rockers and beautiful ballads they explore the entire Beatles catalogue – from the best-loved chart toppers to hidden gem album tracks.

    They return to the Limelight following two packed-out shows last year.

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