In Spring 2020 Queens Park Arts Centre launched a brand new schools art project, funded by a Rothschild Foundation Impact Grant.

‘Finding the Joy in Making’ saw Queens Park working alongside Buckinghamshire schools and Waddesdon Manor to help hundreds of young artists between the ages of four and nine create their own artwork inspired by the Chiltern Hills.

Students will work with inter-disciplinary artist Pippa North on a unique diorama inspired by the Chilterns, focusing on artistic skills including pottery, watercolour painting and felting.

Building on the Centre’s WanderHouse Outreach Project, which launched in 2013 and has seen Pippa lead collaborative art and craft projects in a diverse range of schools and community settings, ‘Finding the Joy in Making’ continued Queens Park’s association with Aylesbury Vale Academy Primary School, as well as making new links with schools including Green Ridge Primary School.

“The aim of this project was to provide a fun and creative way of introducing the idea of resilience and creative making using sustainable resources,” says Pippa.

"In our 40th year, it felt appropriate that we lead a project to inspire the next generation of creative makers throughout Buckinghamshire, introducing children to the many and varied opportunities for them and their families at Queens Park Arts Centre, both in 2020 and in the future," says Sarah Lewis, Artistic Director for the Centre.

"It was a pleasure developing this project with inter-disciplinary artist, Pippa North, collaborating with the schools, and, for the first time with the Rothschild Foundation and Waddesdon Manor. The project encapsulated our love of nature and the environment. It encouraged the children to be curious and to experiment with new and beautiful sustainable materials, as well as helping them to develop techniques and skills."

Leona Forsyth from the Rothschild Foundation, who are funding the project, says “I am delighted that we have supported Queens Park’s education programme”.

For more information about 'The Joy of Making', email Artistic Director Sarah Lewis via or call 01296 424332.

For more information about the WanderHouse Outreach Project, click here.