Live Creatively Campaign

When the Coronavirus outbreak forced Queens Park Arts Centre to temporarily close, the Centre launched a digital campaign encouraging people to ‘Live Creatively’.

The project aimed to inspire local residents to let their creativity flourish even in the most uncertain times by establishing QPAC's social media accounts as a hub which shared and celebrated the many ways people still engage with the visual and creative arts during self-isolation.

Our Artistic Director Sarah Lewis explains:
“The ethos of Queens Park has always meant more than the building itself, and whilst our door were temporarily closed we worked hard to ensure the Centre remained a true creative and cultural hub by celebrating people’s innate creativity.”

There were a wide variety of photos and videos sent in as part of the campaign, including pottery, dance, painting and drawing, needlework, woodcarving and more! All of the content was posted online across our social media channels and included contributions from hundreds of miles across the country!

Our in-house production company, Unbound Theatre, were prolific contributors to the campaign, including recording all of Shakespeare's sonnets, a brand-new audiobook, anthologies of new writing and a series of short films.

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