Online Workshops - Terms & Conditions

During Summer 2020 Queens Park Arts Centre (QPAC) will be hosting classes online via the platform Zoom.


QPAC will be using online platform Zoom to hold our online classes. Please ensure you view Zoom’s own terms and conditions on their website, regarding GDPR and privacy policy.

Zoom is an Internet-based service provider that supports video / web conferencing and online classes. In short it allows us to virtually interact with each other when in-person classes aren't possible.

To join you need to set up a Zoom account, and then input the unique meeting ID code created by QPAC for each class. This code will be sent to you just before the class is scheduled to take place.

You will need to download the Zoom application. Go to and create a free account using your email address. Please make sure that the email address you use to register/book the online course via QPAC is the same as the one used on Zoom.

Booking a Workshop

Book via the QPAC website. The day before your class you will be sent an email link containing the unique meeting ID for that class. This ID grants you access to the virtual meeting taking place on Zoom.

We’re delighted to be providing classes again so that students can enjoy being creative with guidance from a tutor. In order to prevent excessive background noise we ask that all students set their microphone to ‘Mute’ for the duration of the class, and unmute it when you wish to ask a question.

Please ensure your webcam is switched on during the class. Controls for cameras and microphones are located in the bottom left hand corner of your screen.

Joining the Class

Open Zoom and click 'Join a Meeting'. When prompted, enter the meeting ID code you received via email. Alternatively, click on the link sent to you via email and the Zoom app will open the class’s page.

The meetings are pre-set- to start with participants cameras turned on and their microphone muted.

Please join the class 15 mins before the scheduled starting time. This will give you plenty of time to check the microphone/camera are working. During this time you will be in the class’ ‘Waiting Room’ where a member of QPAC staff will be available to answer any questions.

Please Note: picture and sound quality will be much better on a laptop / PC. You can also connect your device to a TV or Monitor. The image on a mobile phone may be too small, and the sound quality weaker. We recommend using earphones for better sound quality.

To make the teacher’s video feed the largest one in view: hover over the video - three dots will appear at the top right of the image. Click these and select 'PIN video' from the menu that appears.

This is a new and evolving way of working for QPAC and constructive feedback helps us develop our online off. Please consider taking time to send us a short email after your class to let us know what you thought.

Terms and conditions

By making a booking you understand that the course will be held online via Zoom, and that it is your responsibility to download the app, create an account and familiarise yourself with the platform prior the class.

We ask that participants come prepared for the session with all equipment required. Details of what materials are required will be listed on each class’ website entry.

Make sure that the area around you is clear of any hazards / obstacles that could cause an accident/obstruct the activity (especially for activities such as yoga).

Whilst we ask you to mute your microphone during the session there will be occasions when you will need to interact with the tutor. For this reason, we ask participants to be in a quiet space.

Parents / guardians are responsible for all students under the age of 18, and we advise that they remain in the room with the student whilst the session takes place. QPAC accepts no responsibility for unaccompanied students attending sessions.

Sharing the link and/or password for the online classes with anyone is a breech of QPAC’s safeguarding policy – doing so will result in you not being able to participate in future workshops.