Since 2017, Unbound have been writing and recording a series of free podcasts. See below for each episode, which you can stream now or download and listen to later!

The Unbound Sketchbook

A sketch show featuring material from Unbound’s hugely-successful live shows, plus brand new material recorded exclusively for the podcast. Written by Gareth Johnson, Brian Murray, Dario Knight and Matthew Doherty.

Inspector Murder Inspects...

This sleuthing sitcom follows the exploits of Victorian London's second-best Consulting Detective - Inspector Murder, along with his assistant Laura Norder, genius inventor Luc Vercluse and his housekeeper Constance Urveillance. Written by Dario Knight, Gareth Johnson & Matthew Doherty

Everything Wrong With Politics

An improv-based panel game in which two teams become the leaders of political parties (whose names are chosen by the audience), before competing in a series of improvised games in order to win votes and discredit their opponents. Format devised by Gareth Johnson.