Past Productions

Unbound’s first full-length theatrical production was staged in spring 2015. Since then they have performed work by classic and contemporary writers, as well as brand-new material by local writers. Below is a brief summary of each show

'Betrayal' (March 2015)

Directed by Dario Knight
Written by Harold Pinter

Hindsight can be a devastating thing - imagine living your entire life again, knowing precisely what was about to happen each day. When the bad times rose to meet you - wouldn't your heart break all over again? Jerry and Emma’s affair is over. Now it’s time to see how it unfolded – starting at the end...
"A fantastic show."
"It was superb."

'Beauty and the Beast' (December 2015)

Directed by Erika Sanderson
Written by Dario Knight

Leaving behind the quiet town of Folly, plucky young Rosalind sets out to save her impoverished family by venturing through the Forbidden Forest and into the Castle of the Fallen Prince – wherein lives the fearsome Beast of Folly. Trouble lurks at every turn – but heroes and villains aren’t always as they appear…
"Exactly what a proper pantomime should be."
"I felt like a child again, shouting out and singing along."

'A Celebration of Shakespeare' (April 2016)

Directed by Dario Knight
Written by William Shakespeare

A one-night-only production celebrating 400 years since Shakespeare. A selection of speeches, scenes, sonnets and songs from the greatest writer of all time, brought together to explore his work in comedies, tragedies, histories and romances. Made possible thanks to the generous support of Aylesbury Town Council.
"Congratulations to all the cast and crew; you did a great job - lovely performances!"
"The rude mechanicals scene was to die for. I laughed myself silly."

'Transcendental Mongoose' (November 2016)

Directed by Matthew Doherty
Written by Gareth Johnson, Brian Murray, Dario Knight and Matthew Doherty

The debut production from Unbound’s comedy contingent – ‘The Unbound Sketchbook’. A riotous night of brand new sketches and stand-up comedy including a Postcode Lottery gameshow, the fiendish plans of Professor Chaos and the sleuthing skills of Inspector Murder – plus stand-up comedy from Tarquin and Mysterio.

'Alice in Wonderland' (December 2016)

Directed by David Pustansky
Written by Dario Knight

Something is amiss in Wonderland – time has stopped, the Queen of Hearts is embarking on her latest evil scheme, and there’s a beast lurking in the shadows… Can Alice discover who broke the Great Clock of Wonderland? Will she stop the evil Queen (without losing her head)? And just why is a raven like a writing desk?
"A well written fun show, with a friendly welcoming staff and cast. All things considered a great evenings entertainment."
"A very impressive show - hilarious and perfect for all family, well done!"

'Macbeth' (April 2017)

Directed by Dario Knight
Written by William Shakespeare

A sinister prophecy foretold on a battle-scarred heath leads Lord and Lady Macbeth to commit a terrible crime. Power and privilege awaits them, but blood will have blood – and what is done cannot be undone… Made possible thanks to the generous support of Aylesbury Town Council.
"A wonderfully full-blooded and imaginative interpretation; beautifully choreographed and acted"
"An excellent and very moving production"

'A Number' & 'Far Away' (June/July 2017)

Directed by Dario Knight
Written by Caryl Churchill

Two plays from one of the country’s leading playwrights, rarely performed together. These two searing short plays examine the nature vs nurture debate, explore the relationship between father and son, and speculate on just how catastrophic the politics of fear can be.
"Two challenging plays really well delivered - thought provoking indeed!"

'Farmers vs Pirates' (July 2017)

Directed by Gareth Johnson
Written by Gareth Johnson, Brian Murray, Dario Knight and Matthew Doherty

A cavalcade of brand-new comedy sketches courtesy of ‘The Unbound Sketchbook’. Favourite characters Inspector Murder and Professor Chaos return, alongside new sketches including visits to a humane Hitman and the World’s Greatest Uncle, and dinner with Immanuel Kant.
"Thoroughly enjoyed this! Good job everyone."
"A great show! Really enjoyed it.

'A Doll’s House' (September 2017)

Directed by Beatrice Benedek
Written by Henrik Ibsen

“I've existed to perform for you” - Nora finally understands the illusion she's been living in for eight years – and realising that the person you lived with is a stranger to you can trigger the most unthinkable action...
"Congratulations on such a beautiful production."

'Pinocchio' (December 2017)

Written & Directed by Dario Knight
When Fairy Celestia grants Geppetto’s wish for a son, his treasured puppet Pinocchio magically springs to life! But there’s danger afoot as Mangiafuoco – ringmaster of the Traveling Toy Circus – plots to steal the little wooden boy away to become his new headline act!
"Absolutely fantastic. My children loved it and will be talking about it for quite a long time to come. Thanks to all the cast & crew who made it such a brilliant night."
“A brilliant show – best panto yet by a long, long way.”