Upcoming Productions & Events

Here you can find all of the theatrical shows and special events Unbound are currently working on - check back because we're regularly announcing new shows!

'Antony & Cleopatra' (5-13 April 2019)

Directed by Dario Knight
Written by William Shakespeare

To be performed at the Limelight Theatre, Bucks County Museum, St Mary's Church & the King's Head Pub
The old world is changing. Wars will be raged that could topple empires, and the triple pillar of the world and his serpent of Old Nile have such a very great distance to fall...
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Comedy Podcast - Live Recording (3 May 2019)

Director: TBC
Our in-house comedy team – the Unbound Sketchbook – are back to record more rib-tickling podcasts in front of a live audience. Come and enjoy brand new written material as well as a healthy dose of improv!
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'Lost in Time' (May 2019)

Directed by Dario Knight
Written by Dario Knight & Gareth Johnson

Commissioned by Aylesbury Town Council
Time is out of joint. Professor Chronomier's time machine has gone missing and the fabric of time itself is beginning to unravel. It's up to the Professor and her assistant Astrid to put things right - but they're going to need your help...
More information about this exciting new project will be announced soon!

'The Doctor's Dilemma' (21-22 June 2019)

Directed by Hannah Rogers
Written by Bernard Shaw

Presented by kind arrangement with The Society of Authors
Sir Colenso Rigeon has developed a revolutionary new cure for tuberculosis, but a lack of resources means he can only treat a limited number of patients. Soon he must make choices of who to treat and who to abandon – a choice complicated by matters of the heart…
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'WhizzFizzing Stories' (22 June 2019)

Part of WhizzFizzFest 2019
Join members of our acting troupe as we perform live readings of the Top 6 entries from Queens Park Arts Centre's 500 Words Challenge. The winning entries will be announced on the day of the Festival and will be transformed - by Unbound - into amazing illustrated videos.

'Treasure Island' (7 July 2019)

Directed by Erika Sanderson
Written by Robert Louis Stevenson
Adapted by Dario Knight

To be performed at Aylesbury Town Council's 'Aylesbury on Sea' event
When young Jim Hawkins crosses paths with a mysterious man named Billy Bones, he's drawn into a life of adventure he never dreamed possible. Soon he finds himself on the high seas headed for an island laced with pirate treasure - but not everyone on the good ship Hispaniola can be trusted...
Entry: FREE!

'Overactors Anonymous & Other Sketches' (12 July 2019)

Directed by Gareth Johnson
Written by Gareth Johnson, Brian Murray, Dario Knight, Hannah Rogers & Jamie Drew

The Unbound Sketchbook team are back with more pages from their mighty book of sketches. In this year's brand-new show the team delve into the world of thespian therapy, dabble in Greek mythology and discover why you really should Mind the Gap on the London Underground...
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Unbound New Writing Showcase (9-10 August 2019)

Directors: TBC
Two brand new short plays from emerging local playwrights.
Percy & Camille by Jo Pratt
One:Four:Three by Chris Courtney
More details on these two exciting new plays will be available soon.
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