Upcoming Productions & Events

Here you can find all of the theatrical shows and special events Unbound are currently working on - check back because we're regularly announcing new shows!

'A Sonnet A Day' (from 23 March 2020)

Part of our 'Keep Telling Stories' project in light of theatre closures
An ambitious project to bring Shakespeare's timeless poetry to life, with a new reading of a sonnet posted online every day. Performed by a variety of professional voice actors from all over the world!
See our Soundcloud page for the latest sonnets

'The Caretaker' - Audio Drama (Summer 2020)

Directed by Dario Knight
Written by Harold Pinter

A full-cast audio drama of Harold Pinter's classic play. When Aston helps a mysterious man called Davies out of a tricky situation and offers him a bed of for the night, the stage is set for a power struggle between the two men and Aston's fearsome brother Mick.
Produced in collaboration with Calibre Audio Library for the lending service.

Coming Soon

'Robin Hood'

Directed by Andrew Faber
Written by Dario Knight & Gareth Johnson

The wicked Sheriff of Nottingham has a dastardly plan to get rid of Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men once and for all. He and Guy of Gisborne plot a scheme to lock Maid Marian away in Nottingham Castle and lure Robin into a trap. Unfortunately for the Sheriff and Guy, Marian has no intention of being kidnapped...

'Laws of Time'

Directed by Dario Knight
Written by Dario Knight & Gareth Johnson

Professor Chronomier and Astrid are back! This time they're off on a rollocking adventure at the historic Judges' Lodgings and old Crown Court. On the trail of a temporal criminal, the Professor and Astrid must unlock secrets of Aylesbury's past to unmask the fiend. But in doing so they might just unlock a secret of the Professor's...

'The Three Musketeers'

Directed by Erika Sanderson
Adapted by Dario Knight

Alexander Dumas' classic swashbuckling adventure brought vivdly to life in a special 30-minute theatrical adventure. Join Porthos, Aramis, Athos and D'Artagnan as they take on the villainous Milady de Winter...

'An Unbound History of Greek Myths'

Directed by Gareth Johnson
Written by Gareth Johnson & Dario Knight

Prepare for a whistle-stop tour of an odyssey of Greek Mythology, in this fast-paced family-friendly sketch show.

'The Life and Times of Gertrude Jekyll' (26 July 2020)

Directed by Dario Knight
A brand-new forty-minute play exploring the life and career of artist and garden designer Gertrude Jekyll
Performed at Chiltern Open Air Museum - ticket info coming soon.

The Unbound Sketchbook 'Mind the Gap' Tour (Summer 2020)

Directed by Gareth Johnson
Written by Gareth Johnson, Brian Murray & Dario Knight

The Unbound Sketchbook are back on the road with a whole sheath of pages from their mighty book of sketches, including a disastrous 'Positivity in the Workplace' seminar, a comedy spy and the truth about why you really should Mind the Gap on the London Underground...
Tour dates TBC