Upcoming Productions & Events

Here you can find all of the theatrical shows and special events Unbound are currently working on - check back because we're regularly announcing new shows!

One Act Drama Festival (5-6 October 2018)

Directed by Hannah Rogers, Lara Pipistrelle & Matte Black, Beatrice Benedek and Gareth Johnson
Written by Martin Dines, Eddie Robson, Joseph Laredo, Lara Pipistrelle & Matte Black

Six one-act plays performed across two nights by a talented team of local writers, directors and actors. Includes two of the winning entries of last year's playwriting competition.
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Voices of the Great War (13 October 2018)

Christ the Cornerstone Church, Milton Keynes
Rehearsed readings of brand new writing inspired by biographies of local men and women who served in the First World War. Staged as part of Bucks Count Council's 'Great War Showcase' event.
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'Call off the Apocalypse' and other sketches (2 November 2018)

Directed by Brian Murray
Written by Gareth Johnson, Brian Murray, Dario Knight & Matthew Doherty

The Unbound Sketchbook - the comedy contingent of our in-house theatre company - are back with more brand-new pages from their mighty book of sketches. This time around there's a train announcer training session, a surprising new take on climate change and even a spot of interpretive dance...
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'The Sword in the Stone' (7-30 December 2018)

Directed by Lara Pipistrelle
Written by Dario Knight

Dust off your armour and saddle the horses - we're off on an epic Arthurian adventure for this year's pantomime spectacular. Dark forces are stirring in the kingdom of Albion. The wicked Morgana La Fey is out to steal the throne from noble King Arthur, who is warned by a prophecy that there's a traitor in the court of Camelot. Will King Arthur find the conspirator before it's too late? Will Morgana's quest for power succeed? And what will it take for Arthur's daughter Anwyn to prove she’s a worthy Knight of the Round Table? There's only one way to find out...
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'The Hypochondriac': A Rehearsed Reading (8 February 2019)

Directed by Dario Knight
Written by Molière

A cast of talented local actors will be bringing a classic Moliere comedy to life with little more than a script in hand - live theatre making in action!
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