Previous Projects & Collaborations

The WanderHouse has embarked on a number of creative collaborations since it launched in 2013, ranging from single workshops to extended full-school projects.

'BerryBird and the Paradise Garden' (February 2015)

Berryfields School
Having led several workshops and activities throughout 2014, the WanderHouse visited the newly-opened Berryfields School in Aylesbury. After a special launch event (heralded by 240 handmade 'Berry Bird' invitations) Pippa collaborated with students in a week-long series of workshops. Students from Nursery class up to Year 3 all helped contribute to a very special art project which went on display as a lasting inspirational resource.
"Queen’s Park Arts Centre provided a fabulous Artist in Residence who helped us to create something that really reflects the character of my school. The Magic Carpet we created involved contributions from every member of the school community and now provides a beautiful resource for stimulating story and language work." Jonathan Walker, Headteacher, Berryfields C of E Primary School and Nursery

'Bucks Young Carers' (October 2015)

Bucks Young Carers
These workshops took place at Queens Park Arts Centre, where Pippa worked with the Bucks Young Carers on a special art & craft project inspired by the WanderHouse.

'The Tree of a Thousand Songs' (February 2016)

Berryfields School
In February 2016 the WanderHouse returned to Berryfields School for a second major collaborative project - another week of on-site workshops led to the creation of 'The Tree of a Thousand Songs' - a permanent installation which spans the school building and features work created by students, as well as a record of the school's values.

'Bucks Young Carers' (April 2016)

Bucks Young Carers
The Bucks Young Carers returned to Queens Park Arts Centre to take part in another WanderHouse workshop, this time creating threaded bird feeders and decorating individual wooden feathers.

'Oak Green School' (April 2016)

Oak Green School
Students from Oak Green School visited Queens Park Arts Centre to work on a WanderHouse project inspired by cave paintings. They used chalks and charcoal to create their very own cave creatures, which were then put on display in their school.

'Future Portraits' (February 2017)

Berryfields School
A third visit to Berryfields took place in February 2017, which led to the creation of a 'Future Portrait' representing every member of the school community, and their hopes and aspirations for the future.

'Oak Green School' (April 2017)

Oak Green School
Oak Green School returned to Queens Park in 2017 for a second set of workshops inspired by cave paintings.

'Painting with Wool' (August 2017)

Silverdale House & The Woodlands, Haddenham
Pippa worked with residents of Silverdale House and The Woodlands to create beautiful hand-felted leaves, using merino wool. The project was facilitated by Connections Support.