WanderHouse Projects & Collaborations

The WanderHouse has embarked on a number of creative collaborations since it launched in 2013, ranging from single workshops to extended full-school projects.

'Burnished Beeswax Blossoms' (November 2019)

Pixies Hill Primary School
Taking inspiration from the American artist Georgia O’Keeffe and her love of nature, Pippa designed and delivered a CPD for teachers and TAs to illustrate how Georgia O’Keeffe used enlarged flowers to gain attention, allowing the viewer to appreciate the beauty of individual blooms. The CPD will lead to a whole school project in 2020.
The project focussed on sustainability, using beeswax crayon blocks to brightly colour petals, which were then burnished to a high shine. As a unique and beautiful process introducing new materials, translatable across many other projects. Full instructions and templates were provided for the teachers and TAs resulting in a stunning finished large bloom.
"I have learnt new techniques and look forward to introducing new skills to the class."
"All the children will be able to access this and enjoy using a new material."
"Good fun. Really original and interesting. New materials were great."
"Good demonstration and explanation."
"The accessibility of the project was excellent."

'Flourish - A Joyous Celebration' (July 2019)

Pixies Hill Primary School
Extending the reach of the WanderHouse to a new county, Pippa worked with Year 6 students at Pixies Hill Primary School in Hertfordshire to create a stunning display of blooms which will be installed in reception to delight the new and returning students and their families when they arrive in the school in September.
The visual arts project signifies the start of a 'blossoming ' throughout the school on their new ‘Artsmark’ journey. The sculptural flowers were made out of felt and inspired by the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, they provide not only a creative legacy of the Year 6s for the school, showcasing their individual and collective creativity, skills and knowledge gained from working an artist, but also a celebration of the 'flourishing' of the oldest students in the primary school - the end of one journey and the start of another as they head off to secondary school.
The project is followed by continuing professional development training led by Pippa for the staff team in the Autumn - making felt and developing ideas for future 'blossomings' which will be embedded into the fabric of the school.
"It was a fascinating process and I didn’t think the children could achieve so much in such a short time. We’re really proud of their efforts and the end result. I can’t wait to try it myself!"
"I had no idea merino wool and silks could be transformed in this way. The whole class learnt new skills and processes and enjoyed the experience."
"I’m so proud of mine and can’t wait to see the installation."

"I’ve never done this before and feel a lot more confident now."

'Capturing Monet' (June 2019)

Bedgrove Junior School
Pippa was invited back to collaborate with Year 4 students at Bedgrove Junior School on another exploration of Monet's work. Working with groups of 60 students at a time, Pippa was able to include the school's audio-visual facilities to show each pupil close-up the skills needed to create a special piece of artwork using watercolour painting and plasticine modelling.
"I’m so happy that Queens Park could come in especially for us, bringing lots of nice stuff to work with."
"It’s been great seeing each and every child achieving a really good piece of artwork. It’s high quality, very different and work to be proud of."
"I saw the finished tin and it looked so good! I thought it was going to be quite tricky but I really got into it. I’ve not used plasticine before but now I know how."
"Pippa has been great in sharing her knowledge, showing each process and making artistic skills accessible."

'Awful Auntie' (May 2019)

Bedgrove Junior School
Following a string of successful creative collaborations with Bedgrove Junior School, Pippa was invited back to lead a project with Year 5 students. Drawing inspiration from the pupils' studies of the books of David Walliams, Pippa led workshops teaching young artists how to sculpt and paint their very own Awful Auntie!
Student & Staff Feedback:
"Pippa is an amazing artist to work with, she always goes the extra mile to ensure the children have a fantastic experience."
"I worked with Pippa last year with the plasticine project. She is really good at reaching us art."
"I've never done clay work before - it's really fun because I get to craft something with my hands."
"It's great for the kids to work with an experienced and knowledgeable artist - someone who knows various techniques.The students have all worked with Pippa before and it gives them confidence to know the artist and create new work."

'Natural Wonders of the World' (February 2019)

Bedgrove Junior School
Reprising the 'Natural Wonders...' project for a new set of students, Pippa once again worked with Year 6 students from bedgrove School, as part of their studies of the seven natural wonders of the world.

'Wild Flower Project' (February 2019)

Berryfields Primary School
Artist Pippa North once again worked with the entire school community of students and staff to create an amazing garden of wild flowers. Each pupil made a flower which included a word encapsulating a value which they valued / aspired to in themselves.

'Capturing Monet' (July 2018)

Bedgrove Junior School
Working with 120 Year 4 students, Pippa provided a bespoke project to build on the student’s knowledge of Claude Monet and extend their skill set. Working from a known iconic image, the workshops looked at colour, form and light to paint a miniature watercolour. This was ‘captured’ in a small tin, alongside a plasticine painting with sculptural elements, a material the children were unfamiliar with, and loved! These tiny art works went on display and then home with the children, due to popular demand!

'Beautiful Broughton Beetles' (March 2018)

Broughton Junior School
Working with 60 children from Year 6 year, these 10 and 11 year olds will create a wall of Beautiful Broughton Beetles. These will be installed on round plywood discs providing a contemporary piece of artwork at the school’s entrance. The highly decorative sculptures will be painted and embellished, simultaneously connecting the school with the outside space and giving visitors a glimpse of the unique qualities of Broughton Junior School. As part of the project, Pippa is also delivering a CPD session for the teachers of Broughton Junior School.

'Shine as Lights in the World' (March 2018)

St Mary's Church of England School
Working with St Mary’s school values, Pippa created a large multi-layered sun/star, with rays made by over 100 nursery and reception children, placed as a welcoming focal point in the school. The school colours were incorporated in both the sun and the rays, embedding the colours of St Mary’s into the fabric of the building. Pippa also led a CPD session for the teachers of St Mary’s so the teachers couldmake their own ray and contribute towards the collaborative sun.

'Natural Wonders of the World' (February 2018)

Bedgrove Junior School
Pippa worked with more than 120 children from Bedgrove’s Year 6, who have been studying the seven natural wonders of the world. Pippa delivered a beautiful clay-based project based on the Great Barrier Reef.

'Flying Flowers and Golden Gifts' (January / February 2018)

Berryfields Primary School
Working with over 450 children aged 2-11 years, Pippa helped the Berryfields children create a multitude of watercolour butterflies. The children looked at the 'Gifts' that help them to fly and included in each butterfly is a tiny scroll on which they wrote the thing that helps them to fly. The Monet-inspired cloud of butterflies was installed within the school grounds to invite discussion about what helps children to grow and flourish.

'Painting with Wool' (August 2017)

Silverdale House & The Woodlands, Haddenham
Pippa worked with residents of Silverdale House and The Woodlands to create beautiful hand-felted leaves, using merino wool. The project was facilitated by Connections Support.

'Oak Green School' (April 2017)

Oak Green School
Oak Green School returned to Queens Park in 2017 for a second set of workshops inspired by cave paintings.

'Future Portraits' (February 2017)

Berryfields School
A third visit to Berryfields took place in February 2017, which led to the creation of a 'Future Portrait' representing every member of the school community, and their hopes and aspirations for the future.

'Oak Green School' (April 2016)

Oak Green School
Students from Oak Green School visited Queens Park Arts Centre to work on a WanderHouse project inspired by cave paintings. They used chalks and charcoal to create their very own cave creatures, which were then put on display in their school.

'Bucks Young Carers' (April 2016)

Bucks Young Carers
The Bucks Young Carers returned to Queens Park Arts Centre to take part in another WanderHouse workshop, this time creating threaded bird feeders and decorating individual wooden feathers.

'The Tree of a Thousand Songs' (February 2016)

Berryfields School
In February 2016 the WanderHouse returned to Berryfields School for a second major collaborative project - another week of on-site workshops led to the creation of 'The Tree of a Thousand Songs' - a permanent installation which spans the school building and features work created by students, as well as a record of the school's values.

'Bucks Young Carers' (October 2015)

Bucks Young Carers
These workshops took place at Queens Park Arts Centre, where Pippa worked with the Bucks Young Carers on a special art & craft project inspired by the WanderHouse.

'BerryBird and the Paradise Garden' (February 2015)

Berryfields School
Having led several workshops and activities throughout 2014, the WanderHouse visited the newly-opened Berryfields School in Aylesbury. After a special launch event (heralded by 240 handmade 'Berry Bird' invitations) Pippa collaborated with students in a week-long series of workshops. Students from Nursery class up to Year 3 all helped contribute to a very special art project which went on display as a lasting inspirational resource.
"Queen’s Park Arts Centre provided a fabulous Artist in Residence who helped us to create something that really reflects the character of my school. The Magic Carpet we created involved contributions from every member of the school community and now provides a beautiful resource for stimulating story and language work." Jonathan Walker, Headteacher, Berryfields C of E Primary School and Nursery

If you would like the WanderHouse to visit your school or community setting please contact Sarah Lewis, Artistic Director – sarah@qpc.org