Recent Projects & Collaborations

'Flying Flowers and Golden Gifts' (January / February 2018)

Berryfields Primary School
Working with over 450 children aged 2-11 years, Pippa helped the Berryfields children create a multitude of watercolour butterflies. The children looked at the 'Gifts' that help them to fly and included in each butterfly is a tiny scroll on which they wrote the thing that helps them to fly. The Monet-inspired cloud of butterflies was installed within the school grounds to invite discussion about what helps children to grow and flourish.

'Natural Wonders of the World' (February 2018)

Bedgrove Junior School
Pippa worked with more than 120 children from Bedgrove’s Year 6, who have been studying the seven natural wonders of the world. Pippa delivered a beautiful clay-based project based on the Great Barrier Reef.

'Shine as Lights in the World' (March 2018)

St Mary's Church of England School
Working with St Mary’s school values, Pippa created a large multi-layered sun/star, with rays made by over 100 nursery and reception children, placed as a welcoming focal point in the school. The school colours were incorporated in both the sun and the rays, embedding the colours of St Mary’s into the fabric of the building. Pippa also led a CPD session for the teachers of St Mary’s so the teachers couldmake their own ray and contribute towards the collaborative sun.

'Beautiful Broughton Beetles' (March 2018)

Broughton Junior School
Working with 60 children from Year 6 year, these 10 and 11 year olds will create a wall of Beautiful Broughton Beetles. These will be installed on round plywood discs providing a contemporary piece of artwork at the school’s entrance. The highly decorative sculptures will be painted and embellished, simultaneously connecting the school with the outside space and giving visitors a glimpse of the unique qualities of Broughton Junior School. As part of the project, Pippa is also delivering a CPD session for the teachers of Broughton Junior School.

'Capturing Monet' (July 2018)

Bedgrove Junior School
Working with 120 Year 4 students, Pippa provided a bespoke project to build on the student’s knowledge of Claude Monet and extend their skill set. Working from a known iconic image, the workshops looked at colour, form and light to paint a miniature watercolour. This was ‘captured’ in a small tin, alongside a plasticine painting with sculptural elements, a material the children were unfamiliar with, and loved! These tiny art works went on display and then home with the children, due to popular demand!

'Wild Flower Project' (February 2019)

Berryfields Primary School
Artist Pippa North once again worked with the entire school community of students and staff to create an amazing garden of wild flowers. Each pupil made a flower which included a word encapsulating a value which they valued / aspired to in themselves.

'Natural Wonders of the World' (February 2019)

Bedgrove Junior School
Reprising the 'Natural Wonders...' project for a new set of students, Pippa once again worked with Year 6 students from bedgrove School, as part of their studies of the seven natural wonders of the world.

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